I am an unapologetically imperfect being; I acknowledge that true perfection is impossible but the point is continual improvement.

My journey to living more ethically and more sustainably began 11 years ago, though I didn’t realise at the time the significance of what I was doing.

Now, I find myself sometimes consumed with anxiety about the future of our planet: What kind of world is my child about to be born into? Which species of animal or plant that I experienced in my childhood will be extinct by the time my child is old enough to appreciate and understand their environment? When are people going to wake up and start really thinking about land fill, or renewable energies, or greenhouse gases?

So – in recognition that it is an extremely daunting prospect to ‘fix’ the way you live all in one go, and to document my own personal journey towards living better, I’ve started this blog.

I hope you find it helpful.