Recycling 101: It’s time to sweat the small stuff

In Adelaide, everyone knows that the large items like cardboard boxes and soft drink bottles and tins can be recycled in their household recycling wheelie bin (except for a housemate I once had who came from a country where apparently there is no such thing as recycling), but many of you may not yet be recycling your containers’ lids appropriately.

I think most people know that you shouldn’t leave the bottle tops on the bottles, as they fly off in the recycling process when the bottles are squashed and can cause damage. Nor should they be put loose into the wheelie bin, as they are too small to be collected and recycled. I have to admit though, I was guilty of just chucking in the lids loose for a couple of years before I knew about this.

So, this may mean that many of you are still disposing of your lids into the landfill bin. But did you realise it’s actually very easy to recycle plastic or metal lids?

The simple rule is to put like inside like.

Metal jar lids, beer or wine bottle tops and the tops of canned foods can be put inside a metal tin and then placed in your recycling. Admittedly, this does require a tin that has a sealable lid, such as a milo, instant coffee or milk powder tin.

Plastic lids go inside plastic. Recycle right’s website requests that they go inside a plastic bottle, such as a milk bottle or juice bottle. Then you keep the original lid and seal all the other plastic inside. While they prefer this method, I emailed them to ask whether it was also acceptable to use plastic takeaway containers and they said as long as the lid is secure that’s also fine. So when you have plastic lids too big to fit into the bottle, you can put them in a container instead.

You can also recycle other small pieces of plastic in the same way, such as bread tags and straws, which is probably the next big war we need to wage after plastic bags.

We keep containers for small plastics and small metals in the laundry cupboard. It takes just as much time for me to put these lids into the appropriate container as it would to put them in the bin because I have to go to the laundry for our bin anyway. If you are lucky enough to have space in your kitchen cupboard for a bin, you might be able to store your containers next to or above it.

Happy recycling!